Ron DeSantis is “offended” by Biden’s attempt to prevent Americans from dying a miserable, preventable death

As you have probably gathered by now, there are two groups of people in the United States – those who would like the pandemic to end now in the 19th month and are willing to take the necessary steps to get us there, and Republicans. In the latter category, you have everyone from Fox News talking to radio conspiracy theorists to elected officials spitting anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric, convincing millions of Americans that their personal freedoms are being taken away when the federal government politely asks them to take a free, life-saving vaccine, and that they should actually take their chances on a horse-worm despite 722,000 deaths and counting.

In this regard, one of the number one offenders is: to pull out the pandemic as long as possible Ron DeSantis, who apparently believes being pro-coronavirus will help his possible bid in 2024 in the White House. After spending the last number of months focusing its efforts on ensuring that school children and their teachers catch the highly contagious virus, by banning districts from implementing their own mask mandates and allowing asymptomatic children to go to school after being exposed to COVID-19-at least 17 school district employees have died since the beginning of the school year – he has now reversed his efforts to vaccinate mandates.

Like most Republican governors – whose states already require several doses of different vaccines for people to participate in the rituals of ordinary life – DeSantis is absolutely excited by Joe Bidenrequirements for the vaccine. Despite the fact that Florida has registered at least 3,617,649 confirmed COVID cases and 57,711 deaths since last year, and according to Miami Herald‘s review of CDC data, which recorded an average of 186 deaths and 2,845 deaths a day this week, DeSantis believes the best use of his time is to beat and moan about how strange the president is and to summon the Floridians to be right. to die an easily prevented death.

To politicians:

Gov. Ron DeSantis has opened a multi-million dollar fight against vaccination mandates, taking the fight to the Biden administration on Thursday. The GOP governor said Florida will challenge in federal court and through legislation all vaccination mandates imposed on employers or others by President Joe Biden. DeSanti’s comments follow those of the Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who earlier this week banned vaccine claims in his state.

DeSantis has consistently rejected COVID-related restrictions, including vaccine passes, mask mandates and lockdowns. He continues a month-long dispute with school districts that defied his order against mask mandates, including anchoring the salaries of school officials who implement mask requirements without a opt-out policy for parents. This fight has also brought in the Biden administration, which has provided more than $ 500,000 in financial assistance to school officials.

Florida during the summer was a hotbed of new infections as the delta variant spread through the state. At one point, the state accounted for about 1 in 5 new coronavirus infections in the nation. Before the summer rise, Florida had the country’s 27th highest mortality rate on COVID-19; thereafter, the state’s death rate rose to the 10th highest, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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