[WATCH]: Doctor Who: Flux Series 13 Trailer

Let’s take a walk down the monster memory path, shall we? Doctor Who: Flux serves a buffet with her most notorious villains to Jodie Whittaker before resuming her role as thirteenth doctor next year (and taking showrunner Chris Chibnall along). We already know that Flux, the mysterious titular threat from the 13th series, will be responsible for enemies coming from all over the universe. In the new trailer, iconic villains like Ood, Sontarans, Weeping Angels and Cybermen all make menacing appearances. But there is also an example of new faces, including some bedazzled creatures and a hairy, dog-like creature that will reportedly be called Karvanista. The Doctor, Yaz (Mandip Gill) and the new companion Dan (John Bishop) are seen sprinting away from one of several explosions in the trailer. Quick shots introduce a curious Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) in his new recurring role as Winner along with several guest stars. With scenes of two forces colliding on a battlefield, and a disfigured character seriously telling the doctor that “our last battle has begun,” the six episodes promise to be action-packed. Power airs on BBC One, BBC America and BBC iPlayer on 31 October.

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