Mary gets the bloodiest exam she could ever have asked for


Mary gets the shock of her life when an Alice fanboy becomes the new Mad Hatter and brainwashes her graduating class! That Batwoman Premiere in season 3 starts with our favorite doctor struggling not to have his family there at graduation. But with the support of Ryan, Luke and Sophie, they promised to be there. With Catherine dead, Jacob in jail and Kate looking for Bruce, the Bat Team is still Mary’s family.

But things get messy when a man named Liam Crandle shows up wearing Jervis Tetch’s Mad Hatter hat. Crandle is as dark and twisted as the original. His wish, as a fanboy of Alice, is to make as much chaos as possible and want his idol out of Arkham. He targets Mary because Alice killed her mother, Catherine. He also has a real thing against doctors because their first prognosis is to call someone “insane”.

What’s more is that the hat may mind controlling anyone, and Mary gets caught up in the drama when Crandle swings outside the auditorium. When she reads her speech, her friends instantly know that something is wrong as they know that what she is reading is not her own. They plugged in wireless earphones to block the brainwashing transfer.

The whole situation takes an even more gruesome turn as Mary is forced to remove her professor’s organs while she’s under the mind. The graduating class is also told to kill themselves by using their stethoscopes to strangle themselves.

Bat team for rescue

Luke, Ryan and Sophie fight to stop Crandle. What’s more, Luke is struggling with his new suit, but we have a feeling that something else is happening below the surface.

Sophie, meanwhile, is forced to watch as Mary kills her teacher. However, she comes up with the idea of ​​letting the professor die and then reviving him. Although we’m not sure how it works when Mary removed all of the guy’s vital organs except his heart.

The team is forced to break Alice out of Arkham so she can talk the new Mad Hatter down.

Please go ahead, Dr. Mary Hamilton


In any case, Mary ends up being rescued and she gives her farewell speech in front of her friends. She also receives a gift from Kate in the form of a lab coat that says “Dr. Hamilton”. On the card it is signed as “Your sister, Kate”. It made us tear up when Kate finally accepted Mary as her sister. It’s just a shame she could not be there in person.

Sure, she’s sorry her family could not be there, but Bat Team is her family too. She also makes some valid points about how psychotic people like Alice should not be called “crazy lunatics”. Her father and Kate would be so proud of her.

Alice suffers from delusions and Mama Wilder News


Throughout the episode, Alice suffers from the delusion that her father is writing to her from his prison cell. It is not until Ryan goes to break her out of Arkham that she is forced to realize that Jacob has not sent correspondence to her. Even her therapist has tried to drum it into her.

At the end of last season, Alice dropped the bomb on Ryan that her biological mother was alive. We get a follow-up in this episode, and it’s not quite what we expected.

Using the information Ryan gives her, Sophie digs a little and discovers that Alice is telling the truth. However, there are things that are not connected, but it has nothing to do with the insane criminal.

During her research session, Sophie discovers that the doctor whose name was on both Ryan’s birth certificate and her mother’s death certificate was a massive forgery. What makes it an even bigger blow to the gut is that the biomother paid $ 2 million to have Ryan’s birth covered.

It makes us wonder why. Did she have an affair that resulted in Ryan? Was she threatened? Who knows, but we have a feeling that the woman shown at the end of the episode may be Ryan’s mother. Who is she? Her name is Jada Jet. We will hopefully meet her son soon. The reason we think it’s her is because someone tells her that someone has looked at their servers for information about her.

Renee Montoya

The last part of this post we wanted to address is the arrival of Renee Montoya. In the comics, she has a romantic relationship with Kate Kane. The actress who plays her in Batwoman is the same one who played the character in Gotham. Although we must emphasize that this is a different version of the character.

Montoya plays a small role in the episode. She is convinced by Alice to get her out of jail, which she does. Oh, and what really takes the cake is that Alice tells her who is behind the Batwoman cloak. According to what was said, Renee was a GCPD officer before the mayor, Michael Atkins, put her in charge of the rogues unit.

What Montoya’s role will be in the season, and how she works with Ryan, will be interesting to experience.

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