See Gene Simmons’ daughter, who is a model and singer

Gene Simmons– also known as “The Demon” from the metal band Kiss – will go down in history as one of the most famous rockers ever. A bassist and vocalist, not to mention a bigger personality than life, Simmons co-founded the band in the early ’70s, and the group still tours to this day.

In the mid-80s, Simmons became romantically linked to Canadian-born model, actress and former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed. The couple had two children together, Nick and Sophie Tweed-Simmons, and later married in 2011. The family continued to play on seven seasons of the A&E reality show Gene Simmons’ family jewels, which ended in 2012. Today, the youngest of Simmons’ children, 29-year-old Sophie, follows in the footsteps of both her parents with a dual career in modeling and music. Read on to see her now.

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Sophie Simmons sings into a microphone
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When she grew up with a hairband hitmaker for a father, it is perhaps not surprising that Sophie has started her own career in music.

In 2015, Sophie debuted her first single, a cover of Sixpence None the Richers song “Kiss Me”. Since then, she has released at least 15 more tracks, including other covers, collaborations and original solo singles. Among her most popular songs is “Black Mirror”, which spent 10 weeks on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and topped as number 20.

She has seen further success with songs such as “Burn Me Down”, “Mine”, “If I Could”, “Paper Cut” and several collaborations with the DJ duo Yellow Claw.

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Gene Simmons and daughter Sophie Simmons
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Sophie has shared that while growing up around music, she spent years trying to find other professional opportunities. “I avoided [music and modeling world] for a long time because I did not want the comparisons between my parents and myself, but then it was something I was naturally good at – probably the only thing I was naturally good at, “she shared with AOL. When she finally started recording her songs and the release of them, she felt “stupid” for not pursuing music before, she said to the sales.

So then she did embracing music as a career, she initially tried to bury her A-list lineage. “I used to say my name was Alexandra Wall, which is my middle name and my mother’s maiden name, and it made no difference, because people always knew it,” she explained. “You can not hide who you are or where you came from, and I am grateful that my parents introduced me to music at such a young age, because now I am skilled enough to write my own music,” said she.

Sophie Simmons in front of pastel rainbow background
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In addition to her budding music career, Sophie works as a model and is signed with One.1 Models in New York. “I had met with other plus-size agencies, and because I’m not exactly an equal size, people would not book me,” she explained as she spoke to The cut. “My agency said, ‘We’re going to ask you individually and find specific projects that work for you. Models have to take it upon themselves to find it. Just because someone tells you to lose weight does not mean that you should. Search for other agencies and see where they will take you as you are, “she said.

She is a passionate advocate of body positivity and now hopes to be able to use her platform to inspire more body inclusivity. “Today it’s so nice to see real women and no Photoshop,” she remarked.

Sophie Simmons in black at premier dress
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Although modeling and music are two different worlds, the new star says they may have similar pitfalls. The most important among them is the impulse to hide your own imperfections – in music with filters like “autotune and reverberation and echoes” and in modeling with Photoshop or in accordance with the beauty standards of others.

“The first time I heard myself busy when I was 12, I stopped singing for years,” the singer recalled as he spoke to AOL. “It was a little interesting to see that mirror up to my voice … hear myself, and not like it and have to deal with it,” she added. She noted that her journey to modeling required the same process of self-acceptance. “I can not make myself thinner or more beautiful, but I can walk into a room with more confidence and personality,” she said.

Sophie says she eventually stopped guessing herself after her mother threatened to ground her for not pursuing her dreams. “You must live your life only for yourself,” she said The cut. “It’s not our job to impress people, why are we trying?”

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