This relationship really needs a payday – Denver Post

Dear Amy: I’m with a newly divorced man.

“Steve” has two children (both adults).

I have four children – also adults and out of the home.

Steve’s marriage was over before I met him.

Steve and I run a small but very successful business together.

Here’s the problem: Steve’s 19-year-old daughter works for us.

She is paid for 40 hours a week, even though she works a maximum of about 25 hours.

Steve makes sure her phone is paid for, has bought her a very expensive laptop and has bought her a brand new luxury model car. (She is now expecting a new one.)

We pay for her health insurance.

She lives in her boyfriend’s house. Her boyfriend’s parents own the house and her rent is well below the market price.

If I tell Steve I think we’re helping her too much, I’m the bad guy.

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