Kandi Burruss impresses fans with this video

Kandi Burruss impressed her fans and followers with this video that she shared on her social media account. Check it out here.

‘I have a new found respect for @mrbradybaby! I already knew he was talented, but I did not know how serious his freestyle skills were. Last night I hosted the @dramaleague event where we honored #WayneBrady. He decided to go microphone and freestyle to raise more money for #DramaLeague. He let the audience give him random words and he had to make them work in his freestyle, ‘said Kandi.

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Someone has sent this message: ‘he is super talented..but lots of people sleep on him’, and another supporter said: ‘He is amazing! Such an honor to stand next to him when I was at Let’s Make A Deal. ‘

A fan said: ‘He did this at the end of Kinky Boots when he was on Broadway. I’m so glad I saw him live, ‘and one of the followers said,’ Oh, you did not know? Check out any improvisation of “whose line is it anyway”. Especially the one with Richard Simmons. His teammate laughed so much that they literally fell from their seats. ‘

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Another commenter wrote this: ‘He is very talented, I always said he was underrated,’ and a fan said, ‘Kandi, where have you been love ???? He has 5 Emmys from the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” ‘

Another said: ‘mrbradybaby is why I see #LetsmakeAdeal The cast is improving and freestyle is epic!’ and a follower said, ‘I love myself something Wayne Brady, since whose line it is his wonderful anyway.’

Kandi Burruss started his night in Vegas and ended it in NYC. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘Started my morning in Vegas and ended my night in NYC with the cool kids,’ Kandi said.


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