Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg show respect for Stan Lee

Stan Lee was known for his cameo appearances in various TV shows, movies and video games. He continued to appear on screen after his death in November 2018, and tastefully appeared through references or tributes instead of cameos. That Guardians of the Galaxy the game contains one of these references and is a loving Easter egg buried in one of its optional areas.

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg show respect for Stan Lee

The Easter egg can be found in The Collector’s Emporium at Knowhere a few hours inside the game. Players can enter the emporium by reviving a friendship in the nearby bar or presumably by paying the entrance fee. There are many objects on display in the showcase from Frogjolnir to Snowbird’s tiara to Kang the Conqueror’s Time Chair, but there is also a familiar pair of glasses called “Cosmic Glasses” on the right side of the exhibit near the exit. Interaction with the case provides the following description:

“If you see a relic in front of you, you’re in luck. Occasionally, a pair of lenses manifest themselves, spectacles belonging to a powerful cosmic entity that is apparently capable of being anywhere in the galaxy at any time. He has appeared through history in several worlds, and I suppose he will continue to do so in the future. Although we do not know his motives, many believe that this mysterious creature has had a profound impact on our galaxy. Excelsior! “

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Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg show respect for Stan Lee
Lee has made cameos in many other Marvel video games before and most recently starred in both Insomniac Games’ Spider Man titles. He even had a small speaking role in the 2018 post and was fully modeled inside the game. Insomniac later added a memorial to the credits after his death. Miles Morales went a step further as it had a full statue of the man outside his in-game restaurant, which unlocks the “Best Fries in Town” trophy if players find it, as shown in the image above.

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However, Lee has not appeared in all the recent Marvel games. The 2020s Avengers the game, oddly enough, had no references to him. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 also did not have a Lee cameo, despite his appearance in his 2009 predecessor. Some are considering the inclusion of Willie Lumpkin during a special (and incredibly difficult) post-game mission in Iron Man VR to be a cunning allusion to Lee when he played Lumpkin in 2005 Fantastic four movies, but it seems like a stretch.

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