Mike Schur and Shea Serrano Series Primo ordered for series on IMDb TV

IMDb TV adds another high-profile series to its list of free offers. Deadline reports it The good place creates Mike Schur has merged with Shea Serrano to First, a coming-of-age comedy series that had just been commissioned for series on the streamer. The series, currently under a working title, is based in part on Serrano’s life, after a Mexican-American teenager who balances college aspirations and expectations of his peers with cultural norms and a home life dominated by a single mother and the help of five uncles .

The single-camera comedy, which is set to air on IMDb TV in both the US and the UK, will see Serrano act as writer and executive producer alongside executive producers Morgan Sackett (also of The good place fame) and David Miner. The series will be produced by Fremulon and 3 Arts in collaboration with Universal Television.


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“It’s a dream to be in business with these two incredible writers,” he said Lauren Andersen and Ryan Pirozzi, co-responsible for content and programming on IMDb TV. “Their individual talents are combined to create an insightful, relevant and truly fun show. More than just making us laugh, these scripts simultaneously reminded us of the anxiety of adolescence, the dizzying magic of first love, how friends become family, and how the family shapes us for life.IMDb TV’s commitment to telling broad, timely and very entertaining stories is perfectly illustrated in First, and we know the series will resonate deeply with our viewers. ”

Serrano, known for his sports and pop culture writing with pages like The caller, who previously became famous with his New York Times bestselling graphic novel, The Rap Year Book: The most important rap song from every year since 1979, discussed, debated and deconstructed, which was also selected for the series in 2017, with The Roots affiliated as executive producers. His subsequent work, i.a. Basketball (and other things), has also hit the New York Times bestseller list, in addition to works produced by his own publisher, Halfway Books, founded in 2020.

There is currently no release date set First.

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