Widows and orphans face legal setbacks in Erika Jayne as they try to collect allegedly embezzled funds

Widows and orphans of victims of plane crash face legal setback as they try to collect allegedly embezzled funds from RHOBH's Erika Jayne

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Widows and orphans after a 2018 Boeing plane crash in Indonesia were just hit by a major setback in the midst of efforts to raise the millions in embezzled funds they allegedly owe from Thomas Girardi.

As the group tries to go after Real housewives from Beverly Hills contributing Erika Jayne, who is accused of having helped his now estranged husband embezzle $ 2 million from them, the trustee in bankruptcy proceedings against Thomas is objecting to their proposal.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online on October 19, the trustee is trying to block Thomas’ creditors from pursuing RHOBH cast, even though she is accused of using their money to finance her lifestyle.

After Edelson PC, the law firm representing widows and orphans, requested that they be allowed to sue Erika in an attempt to recover their lost millions, noting that she is not part of Thomas’ bankruptcy. and have assets they could potentially seize, curator expressed resistance.

“Edelson does not seek to obtain assets that have ever belonged to property. Instead, it seeks its own traceable assets, which were embezzled by Tom and potentially given to Erika. The automatic stay provides no protection to a third party in this circumstance,” the firm said. in their request.

But according to the trustee, she believes the victims will be taken care of from the $ 25 million lawsuits she filed against Erika months ago. In the case, trustee Erika is demanding the return of the money her husband’s law firm, Girardi Keese, has transferred to her in recent years.

The shop steward also said that if Edelson’s PC were allowed to pick up at Erika’s, it would “disrupt” their investigation against her.

Another set of court documents obtained by Radar Online reveals that Erika is trying to block a potential lawsuit against her, also from Edelson PC, and says she does not have much money.

According to Erika, she does not believe she should be brought into the trial because she has never been employed as a lawyer by Girardi Keese and was not responsible for running the firm. She also said she was a “complete stranger and has no knowledge of what happened at” the company and therefore has no knowledge of the money that widows and orphans owe.

Erika, who filed for divorce from Thomas in November 2020, went on to say in court documents that she “has been trying to handle it on her own since” the application and that “her only assets are her personal belongings and income she received from work as an entertainer, including from Real housewives program.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion continues with part three next wednesday october 27 at. 8 / 7c on Bravo.

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