She made inappropriate jokes about my mother

DEAR HARRIETTE: My brother and I were having fun with our mom the other day. My brother’s girlfriend laughed a little with us, but now she thinks she can join in too.

Harriette Cole

The jokes we make at my mother’s expense are only funny when we, her children, make them. It is inappropriate for an outsider to be involved.

Should I say something to her, or should I ask my brother to say something?

– Stay out of it

DEAR, KEEP IT OUT: Someone should definitely talk to her about this situation. You can not expect her to know that these jokes are forbidden to her. She is not a mind reader.

Ideally, it should come from your brother. Talk to him about it. Remind him of the recent scenario and what was said. Point out that you consider your inner jokes with your mother to be just that – “inside jokes.” You find it inappropriate for a non-family member to call them.

Suggest to your brother that he tell her to become a mother when you have fun with your mother. If he feels uncomfortable expressing this to her, let him know that you will.


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