RZA, like the rest of us, was not happy that Martin Shkreli owned the single-copy Wu-Tang album

Wu-Tang, it turns out, was never for the pharma directors.

Wu-Tang, it turns out, was never for the pharma directors.
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In 2015, haunted belly talk doll and drug monster Martin Shkreli bought the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s There was once in Shaolin. True to form, he kept the music to himself, except for one case in which he, a wave of evil cheers, whizzed through his body, celebrating the then-Chairmanelection victory in 2016 by playing a few of the tracks online. A rare case of actual assault resulted in Shkreli’s arrest in 2018however, followed by seven years in prison and the U.S. government seizes the Wu-Tang Clans record and sold it from last summer.

Now, RZA has spoken up about the whole affair and said that although he was understandably upset that Shkreli won the auction for Shaolin in the first place, he now hopes that its new owners will finally let it out into the world.

During a Wednesday interview at Hot 97’s Ebro in the morning, RZA spoke a universal truth by saying it There was once in Shaolin ended up falling into “the wrong hands in all reality.” He says, without respect for Martin Shkreli, that the deal was made for him to buy it, “before it was revealed … his character, his personality and all the insidious things he would continue to do.”

“It was a sale and I can not complain about who you are selling it to,” he says. “But now I think it’s in the right hands. And I hope it’s in the right hands. ”

The album is now owned by a cryptocurrency called PleasrDAO, which does not seem promising either, but Bobby Digital himself believes the new owners are likely to share the record, which Wu-Tang hoped would be shared in the first place.

“He just seems to have more of a Wu vibe about him,” RZA said says about the collective member he has spoken to, and goes on to say that he believes PleasrDAO will facilitate the album “[expanding] himself in the world and his own life in himself ”, where Shkreli prevented it from happening in the past.

We are a little less optimistic and wonder if any crypto group can resist the lure of keeping the mother of all NFTs (non-fungible Tang) to themselves. But if nothing else, RZA feels positive Shaolin finally escape Shkreli’s claws and it must be better than nothing.

See the full interview here.

[via Stereogum]

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