Shehnaaz Gills appropriate tribute to Sidharth Shukla will wring your heart and also make you smile while reliving SidNaaz moments

More and more after his passing, Shehnaaz Gill has come up with a tribute song to Sidharth Shukla, their bond and her eternal love for him.

Yesterday, Shehnaaz Gill made her first Instagram post ever after Sidharth Shukla’s death. The actress has mourned the sudden and tragic passing of the Bigg Boss 13 winner. She has been very close to him and treated him like a family. And his sudden death due to a heart attack had left her completely devastated. More and more later now, Shehnaaz Gill has come up with a tribute song to Sidharth. The video was dropped just a few minutes ago. It’s a collection of SidNaaz ‘moments from Bigg Boss 13. Reliving all those memories will surely leave their fans in tears. Shehnaaz Gill is seen comforting herself through the song. The actress and singer have sung the song beautifully, but at the same time she does not sound herself. The pain is heavy in her voice and it hits right from the first note. We see Shehnaaz feel the presence of Sidharth Shukla around her, comfort her, wipe her tears and make her smile.

You also hear Sidharth Shukla’s voice towards the end, which is like the ultimate blow to all SidHearts.

RIP again, Sidharth. This really is a fitting tribute to the ingenious actor and kind human being.


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