Family calls pool worker a ‘monster’ after admitting to killing their 16-year-old dog

FRESNO, California (KGPE) – A family in California mourns the death of their 16-year-old Yorkshire terrier after they say he was killed by the hands of their pool technician.

A surveillance camera outside the Fresno home captured the dog alive, and within minutes, the suspect can be seen disposing of the dog’s body in a trash can near the curb.

After making a confession and reporting to police Thursday night, 23-year-old Aaron Cumpton now faces a charge of animal cruelty.

Photo by Aaron Cumpton provided by the Fresno Police Department

Pictures that Kim Garcia’s family has of their beloved dog Artie are all that is left for them to remember him by.

Garcia described Artie as a loving companion who gave her family 16 years of memories.

“You know, I have to explain to my 4-year-old son that he’s not here anymore, and I do not know how to explain it to him.”

Garcia said she has been left with a devastating image burned into her mind – their family dog ​​being thrown in a trash can, caught on camera.

“I never thought my dog ​​would be murdered, no,” Garcia said.

The Garcia family was on vacation in Dallas, Texas when Artie was allegedly killed. Their dog sitter noticed Tuesday night that Artie had disappeared, so Garcia checked her surveillance camera.

“You know, I got excited because I was like oh, cool, the pool guy got him, oh cool, he got him, or maybe he took him back to the company,” she said. “And then my heart dropped when I realized what was actually happening.”

As she continued to watch as her hopes turned into her worst fears. Her pool technician was at home when Artie had fled the backyard.

Video surveillance shows Cumpton grabbing Artie and then looking at Garcia’s house where no one was home.

“It took me a minute to register it, but I got furious when I realized what he was doing.”

Cumpton then leaves the camera for several minutes before being seen again going to his truck to pick up a cell phone.

Shortly after, Cumpton is seen carrying Artie’s limp body, which he places in the trash.

“Of course I was expecting to lose him at some point,” Garcia said of his beloved 16-year-old pet. “I thought it would be too old age and a decision we would have made, but it was completely taken from us.”

Garcia said she is disgusted by what was captured on her surveillance camera and filed a report with the Fresno Police Department.

The officer in charge of the investigation called her after Cumpton made a confession.

“He wanted to get clean around the whole incident, he said he forced the dog into the doggie door when the dog nipped him, that anger made him suffocate him and put my dog ​​in the trash.”

She said she now wants justice and not in the form of an apology.

“He said he would apologize by writing a letter to the family, and I said we are not interested in that.”

Garcia said she thinks Cumpton is “a monster.”

“I know he will not get what he deserves because I know how the law works, the consequences are minor, but it is clear that the person who did this is a monster,” she added.

Cumpton’s employer, Pure Water Pools, made this statement after the incident:

“We have since suspended the employee pending the results of the Fresno Police Department’s investigation. We will continue to work with the authorities to ensure that this incident is handled properly and that justice is served.”

Meanwhile, Artie’s painful absence sets in.

When the Garcia family returned from vacation, Artie was not there – his body had already been picked up by their garbage company.

Garcia said she was sorry she could not give Artie a proper funeral and clings to a shard of hope that one day they will see him again.

“I love him so much, he will be in my heart forever, I will never forget him and that we can hopefully meet again one day.”

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