Oakland’s former manager accepts terms with San Diego Padres

(NEXSTAR) – It started with a targeted ad on Instagram – as many of my online shopping adventures do these days. There was a new app that extended the service to the area where I live in Los Angeles, which would allow me to pick up leftovers from restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, and bakeries for a fraction of the price.

The company has been active in European cities for some time and has recently begun to expand to cities around the United States. From the release, Too Good To Go operated in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, DC, New York, parts of New Jersey, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, Providence, Seattle and a few more parts of the country. The company says on its website that it plans to expand more in the coming months, but does not specify where or when. (Too Good To Go did not respond to Nexstar’s requests for comment.)


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