18 of the best non-streaming movies that skipped cinemas

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Let’s talk classic direct-to-video movies for a moment. American Psycho II: All American Girl (with Mila Kunis and Williams Shatner); Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys; Bratz: Starrin ‘& Stylin’; Hellraiser 5-10; Amityville 5-19 (!), The 41-year-old virgin who beat up Sarah Marshall and felt super bad about it; Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation—thThey have not necessarily been completely bad.

There are lots of decent animated stuff (Barbie movies, a long-running DC superhero series, some OK Disney sequels, Scooby-Doo, etc.), and the shape has been a test site for low-budget horror creators of all kinds. Of course, there is also plenty of live porn – all things that are niche, by definition, but which can be sold if marketed to the right audience. And Had it was released in cinemas, audiences might not have flocked to see the adventures of previously unseen relatives in American Pie Presents: Band Camp, but it did very well on DVD, thanks, and no, I do not have a copy sitting somewhere, what are you talking about?

The rise in streaming has had an interesting effect on the market: one might have assumed the increasing demand for content would have led tod to a lot of cheap shit – and it has it to some extent, but it has also created huge competition for viewers. Pandemic has, of course, driven business away from cinemas, but it only accelerated a trend of good movies never come near your local cinema. Direct-to-streaming is the latest development of the distribution model that began with VHS tapes all the way back today and then exploded with DVDs. Even if the cinemas survive the next few years, it will never again be such a movie have to get in the cinema to be considered worthy.

Though they may have seen some movie festival screens or seen limited releases at small venues (just enough to qualify them for the big prizes), the following movies all skipped wide release all the way in favor of going straight to the big streamers. The difference in the kind of thing we see now is profound.


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