Matt Smith about his scrapped “Skywalker” role

Matt Smith on his scrapped Skywalker role

Several years ago, word came that former “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith had joined the cast of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” in an unknown role.

A year later, before the film opened, Smith confirmed that he was not in the film. Talking about Happy sad confused podcast this week, Smith finally explained what happened.

It seems that he was contacted to be in the film in a role that would have been ‘transformative’ for the franchise, but in the end it did not come to anything:

“No I did not [shoot any scenes]. We were close that I was in it, and then it never quite happened. I think what they thought of me for eventually became obsolete and they did not need it, and then I never got to be in ‘Star Wars’, that is us. “

There were rumors that he was going to play Palpatine’s son, and he was asked what he answered:

“I could not possibly say … but it was a pretty groovy thing, it was a really groovy part and concept. It was a great thing, it was a great story detail, a transformative ‘Star Wars’ story detail, and it never came completely across the line.

I mean, it was like a big one [makes a redacted sound] shift in the history of the franchise. There was no costume [test] and there were a few meetings to talk about it. Maybe I can come back, you never know. ”

What that role could have been is not clear. Smith has been in such a role before on another sci-fi franchise, where he played a human incarnation of Skynet in the poorly received “Terminator: Genisys”. He will soon also be seen starring in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” prequel spin-off series “House of the Dragon”.

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