Erika Jayne “Grateful” Reunion is over what she’s focusing on now, plus watch the unreleased reunion clip

RHOBHs Erika Jayne

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After a burning Real housewives from Beverly Hills reunion, an insider close by Erika Jayne revealed the pop star’s current thoughts. Erika was at the center of the drama throughout the series’ season as she defended herself against accusations of her husband’s alleged embezzlement.

Although Erika has not been charged with a crime, the victims are too Tom Girardi‘s alleged misconduct requires knowing whether RHOBH star was involved. Throughout season 11, the majority of Erika’s friends remained by her side (to the dismay of some viewers, who felt that Erika should be pushed harder).

According to another source AND, Erika is now “grateful that the reunion episodes are behind her.” The insider also expressed: “It was hard to live, it was hard to talk about, and it was hard to relive.”

“She’s ready for a break from the viewers being so on top of her every week,” the insider said. “But she will share more in season 12.” Erika recently revealed that she wants to have a lighter story in the upcoming season.

The source then explained that Erika’s time is now centered on cooperating in the courts. She is also focused on finding out what really happened at her husband’s law firm. In the fourth and final episode of Season 11’s reunion, Erika expressed grief for the victims.

The only friends who seemed to be pushing Erika were Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais. In a non-broadcast scene that was recently shown on See what happens live, Erika confronted Garcelle about the dinner party at Kathy Hilton‘s house, where teammates asked questions about the case. In the clip, Erika asks, “Would you sit there and let yourself be called a liar?”

Dorit Kemsley also expressed his dissatisfaction with Garcelle, regarding the actress’ comments from a confession interview, but many viewers felt that the fashion designer treated Garcelle unfairly.

That Real housewives franchises almost never issue a reunion that lasts four episodes. Much broadcast time was given to Erika’s legal drama to present questions that viewers wanted to ask. Some fans felt that Erika answered the questions honestly and directly, while others continued to distrust her.

Season 12 will be an interesting bag of drama. Bravo will reveal not only the next chapter in Erika’s saga, but also the aftermath of Dorit’s frightening home invasion.

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