Why Fort Worths Heim BBQ is still one of the best in Texas – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s almost a month ago that Texas Monthly chose its 50 best barbecue places in the state. But many North Texans feel that some of their favorite barbeque places have been removed from the big list.

Heim BBQ, “Mom and Pop, Farm-to-Smoker restaurant,” says they know they’re still one of the best in Texas. It would be an understatement to say that business is booming.

“It’s crazy. But yeah. I never would have thought we would have one restaurant, you know three in particular now,” said owner Travis Heim.

From a humble beginning, husbands and wives-owners Travis and Emma Heim say it all started from their hatchback in the parking lot of a friend’s restaurant.

The couple eventually got a food cart in 2015, and after overwhelming demand, they opened their first independent restaurant on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth’s Near Southside district.

“Behind a prayer, opened a food cart, spent all the money we had on deposit and everything, and just went after it,” Travis said.

And loyalty has been real. Heim loyalists have been there every step of the way.

“We’ve seen families grow, we’ve seen marriages, we’ve seen so many different things, and it’s all because of Texas barbecue,” Emma said.

“For us, our focus is just to make the best food we can, and we want to pair it with just really good hospitality,” Travis said.

Texas Monthly chose its top 50 grill joints in the state, and the new Fort Worth restaurant Goldee’s was honored with the coveted No. 1 spot.

Ten other barbecue places in DFW reached the top 50. But some barbecue lovers said – wait a minute, we are missing some really good places on this list.

“I know we did not do it was not because of lack of effort,” Travis said. “Everyone tried really, really hard. It’s just different.”

Heim again became a hot topic among grill lovers because they did not make the Texas Monthly list. In fact, many fans agree that Heim “helped put this barbecue style of Fort Worth on the map” – words from a Texas Monthly editor himself.

What happened?

“We’ve grown so much over the last four years,” Emma said.

Heim came on the list in 2017, but since then they have added two more stores.

“And we know it’s Texas Monthly barbecue, joints. We don’t really consider ourselves a joint anymore,” Emma said.

Emma thinks the two new stores, another in Fort Worth, and their first in Dallas, may have knocked them out for consideration this time.

“And that’s okay,” Emma said. “Right now we’re fine with it. We were crushed at first because it’s our friends on that list.”

It just shows how competitive and how serious barbecue has become in Texas. Who doesn’t love Heim’s often imitated but not completely duplicated signature, “Bacon Burnt Ends?”

“Still to this day, there are people coming through who came to the food truck, who came to our pop-ups,” Emma said. “We are so grateful for those people.”

So it’s safe to say, Heim is no longer the little barbecue place anymore. Home Barbecue is growing.

Travis and Emma announced that they are opening two new locations. One two-story roof terrace will open soon in Burleson, and the other will be announced soon.

The Fort Worth-based restaurant will grow from three to five locations in North Texas.


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