Carjacking victim ‘Absolutely In Shock’ by suspect’s young age – CBS Boston

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) A man from Minneapolis shares his frightening story of how he was felled by a group of teenagers while running to a local grocery store. The victim, Jeff Jones, tells WCCO-TV in Minneapolis that he believes one of the suspects was as young as 12 years old.

Jones said he stopped at Kowalski’s supermarket last Friday night when he was confronted by teens, one of whom had a gun. He is still trying to process everything that happened. “I think I’m still in shock,” Jones said.

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He said he ran to the store around 8pm to pick up a few items.

“Halfway between my car and the front door of Kowalski’s, in a way across the parking lot, this car pulls in, screaming to a stop, and blocks my way to the entrance,” Jones said. “These three kids jump out, one holds a gun, and just starts yelling at me, ‘Give me your keys! Give me your keys!'”

He says it was hard to believe what happened.

“One of the kids I rate to be 12 years old,” Jones said. “While it’s all going on, I’m totally shocked at how young one of these kids is.”

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His shock quickly turned to fear.

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“I fumble, I can barely get my hands in my pockets, and I was obviously not fast enough, and they marched up to me, and they put the gun to my chest, and the guy holding the gun started counting down, “Five, four, three, two, ‘and I say,’ Just take it! ‘” Said Jones. “He pulls out the key tags, he screams because he can’t figure out how to get into the car. I say, ‘Just pull the handle! Just pull the handle! ‘”

One of the carjackers got behind the wheel of Jones’ BMW and set off. His two accomplices got back in their car and did the same.

“I sprinted … into the store and shouted, ‘Call the police, I just got shot!'” He said.

Jones says police arrived immediately, and early the next morning he was helped to track the vehicle.

“Apparently during the night, BMW was able to work with the Minneapolis Police Department to track down my car,” Jones said.

Police have arrested three youths. Jones says he is here to tell the story because he did not resist when he was cut.

So far this year, an average of one car a day has been stolen in Minneapolis. The police give these tips:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Take precautionary measures such as not having a lot of cash with and securing financial information on your phone.
  • If you are confronted, stay calm and do not quarrel.


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