Hawkeye TV Spot teases an ‘Avengers-level threat’ during the holidays

Marvel has released a new TV spot for Hawkeye teasing an “Avengers level threat”, at least that’s how the characters refer to it. The 30 second long teaser also really leans into the holiday aspect of this series that we have seen so far. You can watch the video below.

In the beginning of the teaser, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) talk to Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga), Kate’s mother. She asks Clint, “So, Kate helps you with an Avengers-level threat?” Kate then responds with “He’s my partner,” which Clint says is a bit of a stretch.

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The rest of the teaser features some explosions, flying arrows and some epic car chases, which also feature fierce archery. There are plenty of holiday photos, especially since this series takes place in New York City, one of the most decorated areas at Christmas time. There’s even an orchestral version of “Deck the Halls” in the background.

This teaser gave us our first look at Eleanor, which could end up being an antagonist in this story. It’s not yet confirmed who the comic book guy is, but in the comics, Eleanor has worked with Kate’s arch-enemy Madame Masque. Although Madame Masque is not necessarily an “Avengers threat”, her plans can still have massive consequences in this universe.

There are also many rumors that Vincent D’Onofrio could return as Kingpin (last seen in Netflix’s vovehals) in this series and could be the main villain. Although Marvel has not addressed this, many were suspicious when D’Onofrio started liking stories on Twitter that talked about the possibility that he would return.

Kingpin’s character has a connection to a new character introduced in this series. Alaqua Cox takes on the role of Echo, who was recorded and trained by Kingpin after her father’s death. She is a Native American character who is deaf but who has the ability to copy the movement of the person she is fighting, a similar ability that is shared by Taskmaster. It’s not clear if Echo in MCU will be directly linked to Kingpin, but he is an important figure in her story from the comics.

The rest of the cast in this series include Ava Russo, Zahn McClarnon, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton and Linda Cardellini, who return as Clint’s wife. Florence Pugh also repeats her role as Yelena here, last seen in Black widow. In the Black Widow post-credit scene, Yelena met Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who told Yelena that Hawkeye allegedly killed Black Widow. How big her role is is unknown, but she could come to New York to fight Clint.

The teaser leans more towards the holiday theme by mentioning that the series will debut at Disney + this Thanksgiving. In fact, it drops the day before Thanksgiving on November 24, and the first two episodes will be available, and the rest of the series will be released weekly until the finale. So enjoy some turkey and gather the whole family for the latest MCU series.

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