LAPD announces investigation into pit bull shots with less fatal round

An internal investigation has been launched into officers’ behavior after a pit bull was shot with a less deadly beanbag chair, the Los Angeles Police Department announced Saturday.

The LAPD has too released body camera footage from the incident.

According to the LAPD, officers responded to reports of an “evil dog” in block 6700 on Limerick Avenue in Winnetka at 6 p.m. 14.30 Thursday.

When officers arrived at the area and tried to contact some residents, “the dog aggressively coveted the officers while barking” in the residents’ driveway, the LAPD said.

“To protect himself from the approaching dog, an officer fired a less deadly beanbag and hit the dog in the head,” the statement read. “The dog withdrew, and the officers were able to get in touch with the resident, who was able to secure the dog properly. The dog suffered head injuries and the Animal Regulations were contacted and informed of the incident.

The dog’s owner has publicly criticized the shooting of the pet, saying that “the beanbag discharge was not appropriate” This is stated by the LAPD in a statement.

The dog’s owner, Cory Lennon, told ABC7 that his dog should not have been shot.

“They came up my driveway, with guns drawn,” he said. “I feel like they were chasing her. They did not even give her a chance.”

In its statement, the LAPD said it “reviews all aspects of this incident.”

“We strive to continually improve, in addition to treating all members of the local community with dignity and respect,” the statement added.


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