New portrait of John Hume to be unveiled at the Dublin Art Fair

A new portrait of Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume is to be unveiled at a major art fair in Dublin.

The painting by the late SDLP founder by acclaimed Irish artist Vincent Devine will have a € 50,000 price tag when displayed at the RDS Art Source event later this week.

It will hang among a collection of works worth € 1.3 million, including works by world-famous artists Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hirst.

Devine, 35, said he had completed the portrait of Mr Hume in September when the politician’s widow, Pat, died.

“For many people my age, it would have gone over our heads, but it is important that we do not forget how bad it was in the Nordics, and how easily that peace could be broken through pure ignorance,” said the artist.

“Just as I was finishing the portrait, his wife, Pat, died, so I had to add something to the play to represent her.”

New portrait of the late John Hume by artist Vincent Devine.  Photo: Ger Rogers / PA

New portrait of the late John Hume by artist Vincent Devine. Photo: Ger Rogers / PA

The portrait includes five roses representing Humes’ children, a bee symbolizing the politician’s sweet tooth, and a hand representing his wife’s guidance through the peace process.

The painting also incorporates a bald eagle as a nod to the role of the United States in Mr Hume’s efforts to secure peace in Northern Ireland.

Devine’s work will be linked to Warhol’s 1975 portrait of Mick Jagger, signed by both the artist and singer and valued at € 125,000, as well as two Banksy prints – Stop And Search and Napalm.

More than 15,000 people are expected to see the collection of contemporary art presented by Gormley’s Fine Art.

Art Source will also include works by Joan Miro, Roy Lichtenstein, Salvador Dali, Robert Indiana and Keith Haring as well as the Irish artists Maser, Peter Monaghan and Stephen Forbes.

The event, which runs from Friday to Sunday on RDS, will also give Irish art lovers the chance to purchase 100 pieces of original artwork for € 100 each on a first-come, first-served basis on the opening morning of the show. – PA

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