Nicki Minaj is grateful for ten years of support

Nicki Minaj gives his gratitude on social media. Check out the message she shared online.

‘#SuperBassDiamond Thank you for over ten years of support. #Barbz (special thanks to Ester Dean, Kane, Juice, Taylor Swift, Sofia Grace & Rosie, Ellen, Young Money / Cash Money & Republic. This one was released during the streaming era, so millions of fans actually bought the song. I “I am so grateful for you. Sending love and blessings on your path,” she said.

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Someone posted this: ‘TWIN !! CONGRATULATIONS!!! My Twinleptimy tells me … God may bless you even faster than we thank, “and one commenter said,” We love to make our queen proud !!! Congratulations Nicki! ‘

A fan said: ‘LOVE YOU SO MUCH NIKI !! you really deserve it and I can not wait to see what more we accomplish together, “and one commenter wrote this:” congratulations! you make history! I’m so proud & happy on your behalf! ‘

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Another said; “This one was released before the streaming era, SO MILLIONS OF FANS ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE SONG.” Let it sink in, like spices, “and one commenter wrote this:” Because when you already won the WTF IS A Race ?! Congratulations Queen and Barbz! #DiamondTingz. ‘

Another follower said: ‘RIGHT SALE !!! What female rappers did it in a non-streaming era .. You better respect then QUEEN’s name, period … ‘and one commenter said:’ Congratulations !! Super Bass will always be an iconic and historic song in music !! ‘

One fan said: ‘Super Bass is a unique song and a moment in time, so absolutely deserved’, and one commenter wrote this: ‘Deserved can not wait for all the other diamond records to come soon. This song was my childhood. I remember hearing it on the way home from school. ‘

One fan said, ‘It feels like a few days ago we were going to enter the riaa by pulling up and getting them to count the #’s.’

Nicki Minaj scored an important victory in court. Check out the post that The Shade Room shared about all of this.

TSR notes that ‘it looks like #NickiMinaj scored a win in court that will allow her to keep a large amount. Yesterday, a judge ruled that the rapper did not fail to respond to a lawsuit filed by #JenniferHough. If you remember, Jennifer Nicki’s husband, #KennethPetty, was charged with rape in 1994. Kenneth was convicted of attempted rape and served four and a half years in prison. But his problems with Jennifer continue today. ‘

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