Seller Sunset Season 4 Trailer introduces new agents

The sun is rising over two new agents at Oppenheim Group. The trailer for season four of Selling Sunset introduces us to new agents Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan, who were brought into the brokerage firm after Davina Potratz traveled to a rival firm and Christine Quinn went on maternity leave. But not without a little drama as things go over the hills. Look, Emma has a bit of a past with Christine. “It’s like a sensitive subject,” Heather explains at a party. “She was with Christine’s ex.” Add that to the drama already raging between Christine and Chrishell Stause over her divorce in season three, and Chrishell assures us, “I do not harbor resentment, but I hold people accountable.” Poor Vanessa is not aware of what she is getting herself into. “I have had many experiences where I have worked with women who are competitive,” she says in a confessional. “I know how to handle it.” Girl, you do not have that set competitive. Selling Sunset season four hits Netflix on November 24th.

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