Teenage girl being beaten on the basketball court during club game, provoked by mom? – CBS Chicago

GARDEN GROVE, CA (CBSLA) – Moments before 15-year-old Lauryn Ham was wiped out by another girl during a basketball tournament at the youth club on Sunday in Garden Grove, her mother believes the girl who beat him was provoked by her mother.

Alice Ham told CBSLA Reporter Laurie Perez that parents who were at the fight heard the mother of the girl throwing punches, shouting, “go and hit her.”

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“It’s on the video you can hear the simple and simple (and) the judge who was there, heard it too and is willing to make a will,” Alice Ham said.

The video, which has more than 40,000 views, is hard to watch.

Just before the girl threw the blow, Lauryn Ham, who defended, closes the girl. Both hit the floor immediately, and seconds later when the blow was thrown. “When I saw the clip, I was horrified like everyone else and looked angry,” Alice Ham said. “The mother basically incited violence against my daughter, she told her daughter to go and beat her and to me, which rises to the level of abuse.”

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The attack left Lauryn Ham, who played for a club team called “SoCal Blaze”, with a bruised neck and concussion. Alice Ham has filed a police report against the girl and her mother, who were thrown out of the tournament. We will not name the girl because of her age.

The girl, who plays for Dream Academy, is believed to be the daughter of a former NBA player. Neither the girl nor her mother has apologized.

Meanwhile, Alice Ham just hopes her daughter will be able to play again. “I’m just praying she’s going to get back on the field and do what she loves,” Alice Ham said.

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The Dream Academy has not responded to any requests for comment. The Garden Grove Police Department is investigating the incident, but it is unclear whether charges will be filed.


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