The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse resumes after his lawyers asked the judge for ill-treatment

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team on Wednesday asked the judge presiding over his murder case to declare a trial with prejudice, meaning the state could not bring charges against him again.

Judge Bruce Schroeder said he would take the proposal into consideration and did not make a decision, which allowed the trial to continue until further notice.

Rittenhouse, 18, is on trial for murder charges of shooting and killing two people during a Black Lives Matter protest in Wisconsin last year. His lawyers cited the prosecution’s dishonesty in their request, saying the state was trying to introduce unacceptable evidence.

It was about the prosecution asking Rittenhouse before the jury about his right to remain silent, which Schroeder said he had previously ruled the state prosecutor could not do. The prosecutor said he had a different understanding of the case. “I do not believe you,” Schroeder replied, warning that “there was better not another incident.”

The exchange of words was heated when the prosecutor said he was acting in good faith.

“You’re an experienced litigation lawyer, and you tell me that when the judge says, ‘I exclude this,’ are you just taking it upon yourself to put it in because you think you’ve found a way around it? Come on!” Schroeder shouted.

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