Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC release date and Roguelite Gameplay detailed

Vaas: Insanity, the first of three episodes of Far Cry 6’s season-long DLC, is set to launch on November 16th. The game only starts with a gun.

New gameplay details for the upcoming Far Cry 6 DLC with Vaas Montenegro has been unveiled along with an official release date. Vase: Vanvid will be the first of three episodes in a series where each piece of DLC content will focus on a past Far Cry antagonist that dives deep into each individual psyche.

While many franchises have DLC that ties strongly into the narrative threads of the basic game, Far Cry differs with some completely unique experiences with its downloadable content. The main story of Far Cry 5, for example, takes place in the state of Montana, yet its DLC takes players to places like Vietnam and even the planet Mars. Although gamers knew about the upcoming DLC ​​months before the base game was launched in October, Far Cry 6‘s first batch of DLC, will be a new kind of homemade unusual, as it focuses on three iconic series villains with the first episode coming in less than a week.


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Michael Mando, the actor who originally brought Vaas back to life Far Cry 3 and will repeat the iconic role in the upcoming DLC, took to Twitter to announce Vase: Vanvid will be available worldwide on November 16th. Ubisoft also released a press release that shed some more light on certain gameplay elements inspired by the roguelit genre. Starting with just one gun, players will have to collect several weapons and upgrades in an attempt to penetrate deeper into the psychedelic character’s psyche. Vase: Vanvid available with purchase Far Cry 6‘s season ticket with the price currently set at $ 39.99.

The other two antagonists who get time to shine in the remaining two episodes are Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 and Joesph Seed from Far Cry 5. The page of the page is subtitled Control and is set to be released on a currently unspecified date sometime in January 2022. Fans looking forward to playing as The Father, meanwhile, will have to wait until March for his episode, which is subtitled Fall together. As with Mando’s reprisals of Vaas, the original voice actors return to Pagan and Joseph for DLC.

Far Cry villains are a major strength of the overall series. Ubisoft has built a great list over the years, and the enduring fascination around these characters has created content like Far Cry 6 season tickets seem inevitable. Choosing to focus on the mental state of these characters as content can provide some completely unique storytelling options. Only time will tell whether the development team behind the DLC takes advantage of what is set up across the franchise.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Playstation 4/5 and PC.

Source: Michael Mando / Twitter

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