Missed Clarkston 1-year-old found alive

More than 37 hours after being abducted in front of his apartment in Clarkston, a missing 1-year-old boy has been reunited with his family. The incident led to a Georgia Amber Alert early Wednesday morning.


Blaise Barnett was found safe and sound Thursday night in a home on Rogers Street, according to investigators

Home where missing 1-year-old Blaise Barnett was found on Rogers Street in Clarkston (FOX 5 Atlanta).

Home where missing 1-year-old Blaise Barnett was found on Rogers Street in Clarkston (FOX 5 Atlanta).

“The baby was found in a car in the driveway. She left her home and found the baby in the car,” says Sgt. Dustin Belcher, Clarkston Police Department.

Sgt. Belcher said the woman immediately brought the infant into her home and called 911.

After a superficial medical evaluation, little Blaise Barnett was brought back to Clarkston’s police headquarters, where he was reunited with his family.

It has been a painful day and a half for the family. The 1-year-old boy had been taken while sleeping in his family SUV in his apartment complex at 1000 Montreal Road early Wednesday morning. Family members put groceries away just after noon. 1 and was only gone a moment when someone ran off with the 2002 Ford Explorer, police said.

The SUV would be found around noon. 10 about two miles away from the family apartment. There were no signs of the child or his car seat.

James Dent told FOX 5 that he was the one who called police to report that he had found the vehicle at Dennon Hills Condominiums in DeKalb County. He said a man who was in the area was running as he approached.


During a vigil Wednesday night, family members gathered at the apartment complex where Barnett had last been seen to ask his abductor to return him safely.

“Bring him home. He’s not hurt. He’s the cutest boy in the world, and if he cries, it’s because he’s not with me. He keeps crying until he comes with me,” mother Deonna Bray said.

Sgt. Belcher said it was not immediately clear who owned the car, the infant, in which the infant was found. He said police will interrogate the woman who found the child and will likely search for clues in the neighborhood.

Little Blaise is said to be in good condition but was brought to the hospital with his family for further evaluation.

The FBI also assisted in the investigation, officials confirmed.


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