Scenes from the United States lift Covid travel restrictions

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Nov. 8, 18 months after the coronavirus pandemic began, the United States lifted travel restrictions for vaccinated people from many countries. The onion was on the ground and witnessed scenes from the lifted travel restrictions.

  • Hundreds of people in tears over finally getting the chance to see Logan International Airport.
  • Exhausted mother collapses after 18 months by circling O’Hare’s pickup area.
  • Instant boost to the economy from last minute airport snowball sector.
  • President Biden and Vice President Harris are cutting ties at the U.S.-Mexico border for the United States’ grand reopening.
  • The Topeka Tourist Board, Kansas, is raising their hopes for nothing.
  • Reunited families look at each other in horror at how much they have grown older in the last two years.
  • Japanese tourist gets first-hand experience of America’s famous anti-Asian hostility.
  • High gas prices prevent travelers from walking more than three miles from the airport.
  • The dirty, dirty Ted Cruz could finally return from Cancun.
  • New patient zero gets stamped passport, on the way to hotel downtown.


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