Shadow Avengers, Black Cat & Doctor Doom star in new Marvel Prose Romans

Starting next spring, Aconite Books will publish four new prose novels based on some of the publisher’s finest, including Black Cat and Doctor Doom.

Starting next spring, Aconite Books will publish four prose novels starring some of Marvel’s biggest names, including Doctor Doom, Warriors Three, the Shadow Avengers, and Black cat. Aconite has already published several novels with heroes and villains in the Marvel universe, and the novels, written by some of the biggest names in science fiction and fantasy, have proven to be popular with fans. These recently announced titles will be the library’s latest additions.

Aconyte is a division of Asmodee Group, which also owns Asmodee Fantasy Flight Games and Atomic Mass. Both Fantasy Flight and Atomic Mass have released card and table games based on Marvel characters, and by 2020, Aconite entered into an agreement to publish prose novels set in the Marvel universe. The first wave of titles hit stores that fall. The offerings focused not only on larger, more established Marvel characters, but also lesser-known ones, which is reflected in the first two releases focusing on Domino and Heimdall. So far, Aconite has published over 15 novels spanning several series; some of the series that have been released so far are Legends of Asgard, Marvel Heroines, Crisis Protocol – based on the board game of the same name.


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In a press release on Marvel’s website, the publisher published more information about the novels, including synopses and cover art. The first, part of the Marvel Untold series, Doctor Doom: Reign of the Devourer is written by David Annandale and sees the Latvian monarch inadvertently liberate a soul-eating vampire. He must choose between either stealing the vampire’s power or destroying it to save Latveria. A month later, Acoynyte releases the next addition to the Legends of Asgard series, titled Three swords. The novel is written by CL Werner and stars The Warriors Three, who must stop a plot of extra-dimensional wizards to overthrow Odin.

In March, Black Cat is in the center Black cat: Discord, written by Cath Lauria. Part of the Marvel Heroines series, Black Cat faces a moral dilemma when multiple parties want to hire her for a dangerous job that will pay off nicely if she succeeds. Rounding off the new releases is Shadow Avengers, written by Carrie Harris and part of the Crisis Protocol series. Doctor Strange’s Shadow Avengers, previously brought together to stop Dormammu, is now falling apart – just as Dormammu returns and uses Loki, Venom and Green Goblin as his pawns.

The Marvel universe is large and deep with a catalog of characters that stretches back 80 years. Aconytes’ novels pay homage to this story by focusing not only on heavy hits like Doctor Doom, but characters that can fly under the radar of mainstream readers – such as Black Cat and the Warriors Three. The past decade has seen an increase in interest in many secondary characters, such as Agatha Harkness (from Wandavision) or Ravonna Renslayer (from Loki) and novels like these are great places for fans to learn more about these characters.

Aconite’s line of Marvel prose novels continues to gain new fans eager for more adventures of their favorite characters and now Black cat and Doctor Doom join the line in early 2022.

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