Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds swap late night appearances just because

Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds

Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Both of Jimmy’s late at night were quite restless when they introduced Red message star Ryan Reynolds and The Shrink Next Door‘s Will Ferrell on their respective shows on Wednesday. Jimmy Kimmel, with note cards dutifully filled with Reynolds-centered questions, found himself interviewing Ferrell, while Jimmy Fallon got the reverse treatment over at Show tonight, where both hosts do an honorable job of selling this as a real surprise can from the two comic book actors.

“Just help a buddy,” Ferrell explained of his performance in Kimmel’s Hollywood studio, telling the surprised but playful host that he had just gotten a call that Reynolds was coming a little late. Which makes sense when Reynolds was in New York, where he appeared in Ferrell’s place in Fallon’s show. (And also explains why Ferrell acted athletically, what looked like his Star wars pajama undershirt and comfortable house moccasins.) Ferrell traditionally brings an absurdity conceptual bit with to bring to life his talk show rounds, so in response to Kimmel’s flat-footed confusion at switcheroo, The Shrink Next Door star did his best to answer the questions Kimmel had already prepared.

“I have not seen a plug of it,” Ferrell admitted regarding Reynolds’ new film Red message, but that did not stop him from talking about what it was like working with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the Netflix action comedy. When he dutifully watched the clip that Reynolds’ people had sent over, Ferrell could only speculate that the film (technically about high-class art theft) was about Johnson and Reynolds being “classic real estate agents” forcibly deporting a Russian guy who is late with his rent. (But as he is, Ferrell, however, connected repeatedly and correctly Red messageFerrell’s Friday release.) Ferrell also did his best to answer Kimmel’s questions about Reynolds’ personal life. Wife Blake Lively is fine, thank you, and two-thirds of their three (?) Daughters went as Deadpool for Halloween.

Onto The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was left in a fight with a similar deadpan switch-’em-up when Reynolds arrived Show tonight the audience’s confused delight and similarly tried to guess what Ferrell and Paul Rudd’s Apple series The Shrink Next Door is about. When he saw Rudd, Reynolds could only claim it Ant man would help shrink, with real-life-inspired period drama as part of MCU‘s more grounded and introspective “Phase 16.”

Warn Fallon that he was only there to fulfill the vow he had made to his long ago Pik costar Ferrell, Reynolds sincerely said to the host: “If you raise Red message, you will taste my hand. ” Instead, Reynolds reacted to Fallon quitting newly crowned The sexiest man alive Rudd’s People cover, with the now-dethroned sexy man Reynolds admitting that Rudd, who is “the nicest man in the entire show business,” deserves the credit, if anyone does. He also speculated that Rudd’s timeless beauty was either due to an agreement with Satan or a diet of “whole breast milk from a blue whale”, which both check out.

Reynolds noted that for those people who actually want to see him and Ferrell on the same shore and in the same space together, the couple will appear in Apple TV’s upcoming Spirited. It’s another A Christmas song riff, with Reynolds as Scrooge and Ferrell as Ghost Of Christmas Present, unless the two actors get bored and switch roles without telling anyone.


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