5 miraculous mascaras you need if you have short lashes

If there is one beauty product that can guarantee you an instant transformation, it is shall be mascara. Do your lashes need a pick-me-up volume just before a party? There’s a mascara for that. Do they need a curling effect just before a hot date? BOM! There’s a mascara for that. The moral of the story, every lash line in the book has a type of mascara that is the answer to that. If you’re like me and happen to be cursed with short lashes, you know exactly how boring it is to come across a worthy mascara.

Somehow, every mascara I reached for did nothing but make my lashes lumpy when all I craved was a certain length. Little did I know I was buying mascara completely wrong! Since the end goal of each mascara is different, not all products are intended for your lashes. So listen with short lashes girls, when you are out shopping for a new one, look for a mascara that has an elongated tip and super fine brushes. This is the secret to having long and fluttering lashes. Are you in doubt about which mascara should be your latest purchase? We have you covered!

For the face, Better Than Sex Mascara

A cult favorite that stuns every lash it touches, it has been rightly named. For the face sells one of these mascaras every 7 seconds, how crazy is that? An hourglass-shaped brush that comes with fine bristles, this mascara has a formula infused with collagen. Just a layer of it will get your lashes not just lengthened but also curled to perfection. I always reach out for this when looking for something dramatic.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara |  (source: www.nykaa.com)
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | (source: www.nykaa.com)

Pixi beauty, Large Lash Mascara

If you happen to have sensitive eyes, this mascara can city Pixi beauty is a good choice. It comes with an intense pigment that covers your lashes gently and provides some much needed length and thickness. One of my favorite features of this one is how it does not clump at all, even if you have coated your lashes with it 3 times – they will still look their best.

Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara |  (source: www.nykaa.com)
Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara | (source: www.nykaa.com)

Benefit Cosmetics, They are real magnetic black mascara

Personally, this surprised me the MOST! I have extremely short lashes, so short that normal mascaras did nothing for them. My life changed after this product got into it. With an innovative formula that oozes magnetic minerals, the core of this mascara is charged with a magnet. The result you ask? Shiny lashes that last all day long.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Magnet Mascara |  (source: www.sephora.nnnow.com)
Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara | (source: www.sephora.nnnow.com)

Chanel, The Volume of Chanel

If you’re in the mood for a maximalist splurge, look no further than this beauty Chanel. What sets this mascara apart from others is how it uses both long and short brushes to give you lashes me dreams – all courtesy of Chanel-exclusive snowflake brush. The formula is so intensely pigmented that your already dark lashes will look warm and heavily waved. It comes enriched with acacia rubber, which makes sure that your curly lashes stay in place.

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara |  (source: www.chanel.com)
Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara | (Source: www.chanel.com)

Essence Cosmetics, Lash Princess Mascara

On a budget? This from Essence Cosmetics will impress you like no other. It comes with a specially designed applicator that is conically shaped together with tightly packed brushes – this helps to coat your lashes from the end to the tip, so the product is evenly distributed without clumping.

Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess Mascara |  (source: www.amazon.com)
Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess Mascara | (source: www.amazon.com)

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