“Another Wing”: DJ Khaled behind new wing chain that opens across Canada

DJ Khaled is not only a Grammy-winning artist and producer. He is now one of the names behind a new fast food chain that is opening locations around the world, including Canada.

REEF, the world’s largest operator of virtual restaurants, has teamed up with Khaled to launch “Another Wing a new chain of wing restaurants, opening in three continents and five countries, with over 150 locations.

“Everything I do is great,” DJ Khaled said. “My team and I are focused on launching new ones
partnerships, new ideas and spreading love to my fans all over the world. Collaborate with
REEF for this launch is yet another exciting venture that allows me to introduce some
amazing wings, to everyone, everywhere. “

another flew dj khaled

REEF kitchens

Its menu features boned and boned wings in seven distinctive flavors Un Un Un Believable Buffalo, Don’t Quit Nashville Hot, You Loyal! Lemon pepper, honey! Honey! Hot honey Sirachaand the signature They do not want you to win TRUFFALO, which is made with a combination of black truffles, parmesan and buffalo sauce.

As for sides, customers can choose from spicy Togarashi fries, Jalapeno cheese fries, truffle parm fries and onion rings. Finish your meal with an order of their freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Customers can order individual items or choose between combinations such as All I do is Wing or Larger key meal, an option for 10 or 24 parts with two sauce flavors, sides, drinks and dessert.

another flew dj khaled

REEF kitchens

“Another Wing is the result of DJ Khaled’s legendary creativity, which clashes with REEF’s best inside
class kitchen platform, the fastest growing restaurant business in the world, ”said Alan Philips, REEF’s Chief Creative Officer.

“By launching on three continents and 165 locations at the same time, REEF is sharing with the world how brands can use our platform to scale at unprecedented speed and minimal capital investment. At REEF, we truly connect the world with your block.”

Another Wing is now available in select cities in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Montreal. For the full list of locations click here.

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