Lizzy Caplan will take on the role of Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction’ TV remake

Hide your rabbits, folks: A new adaptation of “Fatal Attraction” is on its way.

Paramount + confirmed on Thursday that actress Lizzy Caplan had signed on for a “deep-dive reimagining” of the 1987 psychological thriller, which originally starred Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. This time, the story will be presented as a series, with a script written by Alexandra Cunningham.

Caplan, whose credits include “Mean Girls” and “Masters of Sex,” will play Alex Forrest, a woman who becomes obsessed with her married lover, Dan, after a brief affair. The character was portrayed by Close in the original.

According to Paramount + Chief Content Officer David Nevins, the new “Fatal Attraction” will be “very modern while honoring the original.”

“There is a very timeless appeal to the themes of fidelity and infidelity, which is why good people make very stupid, problematic choices and only marriage and family against these themes of fidelity and infidelity,” he told Deadline in an interview. “How it’s done today, and how it’s turned into a series, is interesting, and it’s interesting for Lizzy’s part in particular.”

A release date for the series was not announced.

Michael Douglas (left) and Glenn Close in the 1987s "Deadly attraction."
Michael Douglas (left) and Glenn Close in 1987’s “Fatal Attraction”.

Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images

Directed by Adrian Lyne, the original “Fatal Attraction” opened up to rave reviews and received six Oscar nominations, including Best Actress for Close. Although Alex is still one of her most iconic roles, Close was famously unhappy with the film’s ending and especially her character’s death.

In recent interviews, the actress suggested that her character should be re-evaluated in the wake of the current discourse around mental health.

“I took that script to two different psychiatrists, and none of them at the time even brought the point that she might have mental health issues,” Close told CNN’s Anderson Cooper last week. “Nobody did. It’s great, because now it would be the first thing I think people would talk about, and that’s really good.”

Although the new “Fatal Attraction” had not yet been announced at the time of the interview, Close went on to suggest that she would be interested in seeing the story retold from Alex’s point of view.

“Much of her behavior was not explained,” she added.


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