Rebecca Zahau’s family wants the sheriff to share more of the department’s investigation

SAN DIEGO – The family of Rebecca Zahau, whose body was found hanging from a balcony of a Coronado mansion in 2011, wants the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to share more of their investigation.

On Friday, a judge will hear from their attorney and an attorney representing the department.

District Court Judge Timothy Taylor has reviewed a number of cases and responses over the past few months and has already made a preliminary ruling. Taylor rejected San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore’s proposal to have the case against him rejected by Zahau’s family members.

Keith Greer, the lawyer representing Zahau’s family, claims in court that the documents selectively revealed by Gore’s department only contain information that supports their finding that the 32-year-old Zahau committed suicide.

They say the department violated state laws on public records, which call on public authorities to release certain information to the public.

In court documents, attorney Thomas Deak from the sheriff’s department says the material that Zahau’s family is requesting is exempt from publication. He’s trying to kill the trial. Deak adds that if all acts of investigation have been produced by the sheriff, then no acts of investigation have been withheld.

An appeal from the department is likely if Taylor’s preliminary ruling holds true. The parties are due to return to court on January 28.

Zahau’s family has also asked the department to have the case reviewed by an independent agency, a promise given by Gore many years ago.


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