Adam Savage Demonstrates Rick Baker’s Nazi Mutant Demon Mask from A LONDON US WASTE WOLF – GeekTyrant

In a recent video from Tested, Adam Savage takes a close-up of the Nazi Mutant Demon mask from the classic John Landis movie, An American werewolf in London. The mask for the creature is designed and created by the legendary VFX artist Rick Baker.

Here’s one of the most iconic creatures in horror film history: Rick Baker’s mutant demon from the memorable nightmare sequence in An American Werewolf in London! Adam is going to take a look at this well-preserved latex mask for the demon with a helmet, held by Rick Baker and now apart from the upcoming Prop Store EMLA auction. We get really close to the striking details of the sculpture, which has held up incredibly well over four decades!

It’s so cool! I remember the first time I saw An American werewolf in London, and when I was a kid, the scene with this mask scared the life out of me! It’s an amazing scary creature!

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