All about Amy allegedly cheating fans of a MacBook

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has been accused of cheating fans on GoFundMe. Amy’s followers were angry at the star for requesting a Macbook.

Amy Slaton is a favorite among them 1000-lb sisters fanbase, but some of the reality star’s critics do not let the entertainer get away with the fact that she has allegedly cheated on her followers in the past. Although Amy is known for being the voice of reason in the Slaton sisters’ reality show, the TV star was constantly involved in controversy before she reached the small screen. Here’s all there is to know about the time Amy tried to get her fans to buy a MacBook for her.

Amy has been at the center of several scandals in the years leading up to her reality TV debut. Typically, Tammy is in the hot seat when it comes to fans frustration. Tammy’s outraged fans for a myriad of reasons, which include deliberately getting into a relationship with a married man and turning on Amy for trivial reasons. Although she’s usually the target of Tammy’s anger, Amy is not so innocent. On her wildly popular YouTube channel, Amy owned some of her offenses, such as when she was arrested for stealing a book from Walmart. In addition, Amy was known for creating problems in the days when she was a YouTube standout.

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One way Amy consistently got into trouble with her fanbase was through GoFundMe. Although the donation site is typically used for emergencies, fans claim that Amy used GoFundMe to buy a laptop. Amy was first called out for her unbelievable GoFundMe use when she told her viewers that Tammy was close to dying. After posting a moving video on YouTube explaining that Tammy would not return from the hospital, Amy started a GoFundMe so fans could help the reality star afford an expensive coffin for Tammy. To the shock of Amy’s followers, Tammy lived to the fullest in a video on Amy’s YouTube channel not long after GoFundMe was launched. Fans thought Amy stole their money on the charity website. Amy’s followers remembered that this was not the only time the reality star exploited his followers online.

Amy Slaton and the 1000-lb Sisters

A fan on Reddit pointed out, “nobody talks about back then, Amy set up another go find me account to raise money for a MacBook.” Unfortunately for the curious 1000-lb sisters Supporters, Amy’s MacBook GoFundMe is no longer active as a result of the backlash the reality star received after the alleged coffin fraud. Although fans were happy to contribute what they thought was a ceremony honoring Tammy’s life, Amy’s followers found her MacBook GoFundMe less noble. A fan explained, “Her excuse was to want to be better at editing her videos.” Many of Amy’s fans found this prayer for money a scam because 1000-lb sisters do not need fans to buy a laptop for her. Another Reddit fan argued in defense of Amy, “If she explicitly said it was for a MacBook, then what’s the problem?” This viewer believes that Amy’s GoFundMe was justified.

Like all reality stars, Amy can be a polarizing character. While some may criticize Amy for asking fans to give her money for the MacBook, others believe there is nothing wrong with the TV personality being straightforward and asking for what she wants. Whether fans slap or defend Amy for soliciting donations for a MacBook, the Slaton sister will hopefully learn from this controversy and put some of her 1000-lb sisters salary for her next laptop.

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