Britney Spears’ conservatory was officially closed by the California judge

Britney Spears is free from his conservatory after 13 years under the control of his father Jamie Spears. Judge Brenda Penny, the same judge who dismissed Spears ‘father as her guardian, ruled that the conservatory, which opened in 2008 when Spears’ mental health problems came to the fore, was no longer necessary.

Spears will once again have full control of her property with a California accountant John Zabel working with her in an orderly transfer of power. While Spears alone has free control over her finances, Zabel will be there to help transfer assets to her trust. Her personal conservator, Jody Montgomery, will also work with Spears to ensure that all of her affairs are in order after the conservatory.

The focus is now on tying up any loose ends so that Spears experiences a free life without abuse and the watchful eye of her father who threatens overhead.

Although Spears did not attend the hearing, her lawyer Mathew Rosengart was there to read from her previous testimony and speak on behalf of the pop star. “What’s next for Britney, and this is the first time it can be said in about a decade, is up to one person: Britney,” the lawyer told reporters as the hearing ended. He added “I am so proud of her. I thank her for her courage and balance and power. She helped shed light on conservatories and guardianship from coast to coast.”


Rosengart was hired by Spears when she finally got the right to a lawyer, and he helped lead the way in separating Spears from his father.


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In the 13 years under her father’s control, progress at the conservatory was minimal until the end of 2021, when the #FreeBritney movement reached a boiling point. Spears had spent years after the conservatory working on shows and making money while having no control over profits or business decisions. Despite being one of the most lucrative pop stars on the planet, every penny she earned in her long working hours stood in the pockets of her father and his team of conservators. Many noticed that Spears showed signs of coercion while under her father’s control, showing a far more sinister motive behind the conservatory than just a father helping his daughter get her life together. After a series of damning documentaries released in the past year that revealed the many years of abuse Spears experienced, public awareness of the movement and sympathy for the pop star’s situation grew drastically.

What’s next for Spears is now entirely up to her own choice.

Rosengart has suggested that they will continue to sue her father for the various violations of personal rights, namely regarding surveillance of Spears’ bedroom with hidden devices and poor management of the pop star’s finances. Either way, it marks the beginning of the end of a messy legal saga with Spears’ free life in limbo. Moreover, the case is a landmark victory for conservatism cases everywhere, giving rise to a major review of the system and the manipulation that is taking place everywhere.

Here is Spears’ Instagram post, where he thanks fans after the court victory:

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But he keeps a stiff upper lip around it.

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