Countries agree on global climate agreement at COP26 after last-minute dilution – POLITICO

GLASGOW – The COP26 climate conference ended tonight with an agreement that many countries described as imperfect and unsatisfactory, but ultimately a step forward in limiting global warming.

The British Presidency presented a compromise text called Glasgow climate pact who recognized how far from the world was from keeping warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“Negotiations have been far from easy,” said Alok Sharma, COP26 president. But he said the deal would “keep 1.5 alive” by urging countries to raise their climate targets by 2022.

Countries closed the Paris Agreement rulebook and agreed to establish an international carbon market and establish processes to discuss increased financial assistance to developing countries in the coming years.

There was a historical mention of a “phasing out” of coal and “phasing out” of subsidies for fossil fuels. Many countries, including the EU and small island nations, lamented that India and China had intervened in the last hour of the conference to change the language of coal from “phasing out” – which is still the first time the fossil fuel is a of the leading causes of climate change have been mentioned by the signatories of the Paris Agreement.

The document linked above does not cover the change of language used in coal, as it was changed in the final plenary session.


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