Fortnite The Batman Who Laughs Skin comes via another DC Comics Crossover

Fortnite and DC Comics merge again, and fans can enjoy new related stuff, both physical and digital, later this month. On October 26, a new one-shot cartoon, Batman / Fortnite: Foundation, will be launched in comic book stores, and buyers will unlock the new Batman Who Laughs Fortnite skin as well as some other elements of the game at no charge. Here’s what you need to know about Batman / Fortnite: Foundation and all the free Item Shop cosmetics you can grab with the cartoon.

Batman / Fortnite: Foundation

The one-shot cartoon will debut on October 26 and, as you may have guessed based on the name, it will feature the mysterious Fortnite original character The Foundation in a prominent role. If one is to believe the cover image, it seems that Dark Knight and Fortnite’s mystery man (who is certainly expressed by The Rock) will fight, even though the reason for their feud is not yet known – we have to read it to learn it.

We have not seen The Foundation since he fell into deep water after the alien attack that started season 7, and we still do not really know if he is an ally of the Jonesys, Slones, or perhaps led by motives that are entirely his own. . Fortnite loves an elongated mystery, though at least one prominent fan wonders if this upcoming comic is more closely linked to the cannon than we know right now.

Anyone who buys the comic in any format will also receive a code for several new DC Comics in-game skins, including:

  • The Batman Who Laughs skin
  • Robin’s Perch back bling
  • Dark Days loading screen
Batman Who Laughs and his cosmetic set are coming to Fortnite later in October.
Batman Who Laughs and his cosmetic set are coming to Fortnite later in October.

If you want the new cosmetics but do not want the comic, you can find The Batman Who Laughs and his accompanying cosmetics, including some not included in the comic, in the Fortnite Item Shop on the same day as the comic’s launch. Specifically, he will appear in the digital store on October 26 at. 17.00 PT / 20.00 ET.

Who is Batman laughing?

If you are not familiar with this alternate version of DC’s most beloved character, do not despair. He has not existed for very long and we are happy to catch you. The Batman Who Laughs is a 2017 invention of Scott Snyder, the longtime Batman writer who rethought Bruce Wayne as a twisted hero who finally breaks, kills the Joker and falls from grace, eventually going mad and adopting parts of the Joker’s uninhibited persona. Of all the Batman skins already in Fortnite, this one is definitely the most unlike the others.

In Fortnite, The Batman Who Laughs will be part of the new Dark Multiverse cosmetic set, named as a nod to the comic’s history that sees worlds literally collide – typically comic book stuff, to be honest. That could mean we’ll see more DC heroes and villains come into play via this new set – and certainly other sets anyway. There have also been rumors of a Lex Luthor skin, so we keep an eye out for such a leak or revelation.

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