How River is Sister Winter’s ultimate support

The Chantel family’s Winter Everett has some tensions with her older sister Chantel, but her younger brother River is her biggest supporter.

Winter Everett experiences a lot of friction with his mother Karen Everett and big sister Chantel Jimeno on The Chantel family season 3, but one person who is always on her side is her younger brother River. Winter, 26, and River, 23, are the youngest children in the Everett family, which also consists of Chantel, 30, and Royal, 32. While 90 days engaged The family is known for their drama, River and Winter reveal a surprisingly sweet side through their heartwarming sibling bonds.

The Everett family’s matriarch Karen is known for her strong personality, which has seen her mingle in both Chantel’s marriage to Pedro Jimeno and Royal’s marriage to Angenette. Now that the Everett family accepts, Pedro and Royal and Angenette opted out The Chantel family season 3, Karen turns her attention to the love life of her two youngest children. Winter’s relationship with Jah has created tensions after Chantel hired a private detective and discovered that Jah was hiding a child for Winter after six years of dating. Monday night’s new episode of The Chantel family In season 3, Winter took Jah on a family trip, resulting in lots of hostility and excitement from Karen and Chantel towards Jah.


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While Winter has had her tensions with Chantel, her relationship with River seems to be what most siblings strive to have. Winter has received tons of praise on his Instagram, @winterckyler, for her weight loss. But her ultimate hype man turns out to be River. Winter’s photos are filled with praise and encouragement from her younger brother. The latest training of the winter Photo contains a comment from River that reads, “Okkk! Continue seaπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. “Her brother also commented on her Halloween mermaid Photo, “Hold up winter !!🀘🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽. “Her latest fall picture also had a positive comment from River that reads, “Styling profiling!πŸ”₯πŸ‘€I see you.“Meanwhile, he wrote about one of her models photos, “Give me some of your style girl !!“.”

River not only supports Winter on social media, but he is also there for his sister in real life. The latest episode of The Chantel family In Season 3, Karen and Chantel made sly comments to a dinner about Jah and Winter’s newfound Nazarene beliefs, which led to Jah becoming visibly annoyed. River inserted himself as a calm voice of reason to dampen the tension. While Karen and Chantel refuse to support Jah after discovering he was lying, River remains his sister Winter’s loyal support. Unlike his family members, he gives Winter space to explore her relationship to judgment.

One of the reasons River and Winter come out of it so well may be because of their personalities. While Chantel takes after her mother when it comes to meddling, both River and Winter are more laid back. The younger siblings prefer to look after their own affairs more often, even though they have both had quarrels in the show. Winter has blown up in Chantel, while River originally clashed with Pedro. But both River and Winter are far less dramatic than their older siblings or mother. New sections of The Chantel family season 3 will reveal more about both Winter and River’s respective romantic relationships with Jah and Megan.

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