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I chose a “cool” baby name, but shrank every time I said it out loud – people made fun of me, so I HAD to change it

Let’s be honest – we’ve been picking our baby names since we were about 10 years old.

But what happens when the term you’ve had your heart set on for years does not quite fit? Do you dig your heels in or do you admit it’s not true?

Would you change your child's name?


Would you change your child’s name?Credit: Getty – Contributor

Well, this dilemma is something Australian mother Kate knows EVERYTHING about.

In a speech to Kidspot.au, the mother – who works as an interior designer in Melbourne – explained how she called her little boy Cash because it seemed “cool”.

She explained: “In my sleep deprived postnatal delirium, I felt we might be able to cope.

“You know, like a nod to Johnny Cash, even if I could only name one of his songs; I Walk the Line.”


Initially, Kate was thrilled with the baby’s unique name.

But her doubts only began to arise when Apple updated their software – meaning an emoji of a purse pops up every time she enters Cash.

Although Kate could have connected her to peace with it, the mother says she also struggled with other people’s judgment.

Kate claims that other parents always asked if her son’s name was spelled with a $ – like Ke $ ha.

What’s more, she even got a news t-shirt with “Cash is King” as a joke.

But the breaking point was when another parent introduced her as a “hipster” mom and she started “cringing” every time she had to say Cash’s name out loud.

When he was three months old, Cash’s name was legally changed to Reuben, and all his loved ones breathed a sigh of relief.

She added: “My friend is a celebrant and she came over and gave Reuben a ceremony to rename.

“It involved a level of frying that I appreciated. A sense of humor is always helpful in situations like these!”

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