What to know about winter and Jah’s Nazarene religion

Jah has convinced Winter to join him in his Nazarene belief in The Family Chantel. What is there to know about the religion that the two follow?

Winter Everett is the latest family member to have her relationship in the hot seat The Chantel family. The younger sister of comic book star Chantel Jimeno, born Everett, has been dating her boyfriend Jah for over six years despite Chantel revealing Jah, hiding a son from Winter throughout their relationship, despite Winter raising Jah’s daughter. Now, The Chantel family viewers are confused by the Nazarene belief Jah has convinced Winter to follow.

Chantel and her mother Karen Everett can absolutely not stand Jah after they revealed his deception. This made things particularly tense when Winter took Jah on a family trip to South Carolina in last week’s new episode of The Chantel family season 3. A family dinner was strained when Chantel told the waiter that Winter now ate kosher food, and Jah inserted their religious food restrictions were not kosher, even though foods such as pork and seafood are forbidden. Chantel told the cameras she was worried that Winter was following a belief she did not understand since her younger sister told her she was eating kosher. Jah also threw a grave at Chantel and Karen when he said that people there ate “bottom feeders“such as shrimp began to think like them. Jah and Winter follow one”biblical“diet for their Nazarene faith.


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What exactly is the Nazarene belief that Jah and Winter follow? According to Christianity.com, The Nazarene Church has a mission to “go and make disciples of all nations“The Church has published its own manual within the last decade. The name” Nazareth “comes from the biblical reference to” Nazareth, “which explains why Jah said he and Winter follow one.”biblicalDiet and was not kosher. The Nazarene Church also bans the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Meanwhile, Reddit user u / __ successes questioned the religion that Jah has Winter after, since Winter did not seem to understand the faith at all. Winter, however, made it clear to her family that she is no longer celebrating Christmas.

Although Jah said he and Winter follow a Nazarene belief, some Reddit users compared his apparent beliefs to both Rastafarians and black Israelites. “Both groups, like Orthodox Jews, follow the dietary restrictions of the Old Testament. … Both groups believe they are descended from Judah’s lost tribe. The Rastafarians call God ‘Jah’, which is an abbreviated form of ‘Jehovah,‘”explained one commentator. Many commentators had different ideas about Jah’s religion and remembered that he had said different things about his faith in the past. Some fans were confused that he was called” Jah “and wore a” Jah “hat on, if he used the word to describe god. Other viewers thought Jah seemed confused about what beliefs he follows. “He said he is a Nazarene. But I’m not sure everything he says about it is consistent with what I’ve read about it“, wrote another commentator.

Many The Chantel family viewers get bad vibes from Jah. Winter was a teenager when she entered into his relationship with him, and many viewers think she may be blind to his controlling ways. Winter forgave Jah for hiding his son from her and accused Karen and Chantel of digging into his past. She also does not question the faith he has after her, even though it is clear that she does not understand all the beliefs and practices. Meanwhile, Chantel and Karen are unhappy with Winter’s newfound religion, as she now refuses to wear Christmas sweaters.

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Source: Christianity.com, u / __ vices / Reddit

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