Kiss’s Manager: Gene Simmons would not say anything against David Lee Roth

KISS's manager: GENE SIMMONS would not say anything against DAVID LEE ROTH

In a new interview with The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn, KISS‘s longtime leader Doc McGhee talked about David Lee Roths absence from the reorganized American part of the band’s farewell tour.

Roth appeared as the opening act for the February / March 2020 North American part of “The end of the road”, but has not been appearing lately KISS series that started in August. McGhee explained Roths non-participation in the trip by saying (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was only a year and a half later. He had commitments that he had to make. And we just:” We understand that. You have things to do. “We talked about it eight months ago. And I said, ‘Listen, don’t worry. David. If you have things you need to do that you want to do that have gone a year and a half later, do not worry about it. ‘ And he said, “Thank you.”

McGhee also dealt with the controversy surrounding KISS bassist / vocalist Gene Simmons‘s latest comments regarding Roth. In August, Simmons told Rolling stones: “[Roth] took it to be frontman far beyond anything. And then I do not know what happened to him… anything. And you get modern Dave. I prefer to remember Elvis Presley in his prime. Mocking lips, back in Memphis, you know, do all that. I do not want to think about bloated naked Elvis on the bathroom floor. “

Dock insisted Gene‘s words were misinterpreted and explained: “We really, really enjoyed having it David out.

“The press drives me crazy because they sensationalize every fucking thing you say or do, and they take things out of context to make it more sensational than it is.

“It did in no way Gene or someone says – would say no David Lee RothMcGhee went on. “Actually, if you ask Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons, in the 70s and 80s was the best frontman in the whole world David Lee Roth – far, hands down. [He] blew everyone away. There was no one who did not look up to David Lee Roth and go, ‘Holy fuck.’ Robert Plant, anyone – I do not care who it was. that guy [Roth], he was shit. So we have all the respect in the world [for him].

“I loved listening to everyone FROM THE TAIL stuff [when David was performing it on the 2020 tour]; I really did. I was fine with that. “

Roth was apparently annoyed enough at Gene‘s original Rolling stones comments to take to his Instagram to share a picture of a young boy wearing shades and extending his middle finger to the camera along with the words “Roth to Simmons: ” Dave has uploaded the photo 18 times.

Simmons later clarified his original statement and told 95.5 KLOS radio station that his words were misunderstood.

“It does not matter if someone has misunderstood what I meant; it only matters if I hurt someone,” he said. “So I’m so sorry I hurt Dave‘s emotions. That, of course, was not my intention, for privately and publicly I have always said that no one touched David in his prime – not [Mick] Jagger, does not Robert Plant. None. He changed what a modern frontman was. And then the subject went on to other subjects, and Elvis come up.

“The point was, if a truck drives over you, it doesn’t matter if the guy says, ‘Sorry, I drove you over,’ because what’s the difference? You’ve been run over. So Dave‘s feelings were hurt. I’m deeply sorry I hurt his feelings. That was certainly not my intention. “

Asked if he had been in contact with Roth in an attempt to even things out, Simmons said: “I have not. I have tried to reach out. I have not been able to … I have never had Daves contact information, but historically I’m the guy who originally put the band on the map – signed them to my deal, produced a 24-track demo. And with that, I get to know how it was like they got their deal with Warnings. I never asked for a penny. It was out of my pocket and I forgave them whatever they owed me contractually. I just tore up the contract and said, ‘God bless’. “

As for whether it was David who bowed out KISS trip or it was KISS who rejected him from the latest series of shows, Gene said: “Neither. The trip ended because of COVID – we all went home – and then we all made different plans. We did not know when we were going on tour [again], and so this time we decided to go out again with [David] Garibaldiwho is a painter. “

In an interview in January 2020 with Eric Blair of “The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show”, Paul Stanley was asked what the best thing about having Roth opening for KISS. Stanley said, “Well, Davehas so many great songs. All FROM THE TAIL the catalog is amazing and that’s what he does. So people are going to hear all the good songs, and that was something that really appealed to us. “

Simmons has repeatedly taken the credit for “discovering” FROM THE TAIL and the band flies to New York to record the demo at Electric Lady Studios, with Gene at the production rudder. But it ended up that he did not work with the group after his KISS bandmates and manager, Bill Aucoin, expressed little interest in his demos.

In March 2020, Roth postponed the last six shows of his stay in Las Vegas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, the legendary FROM THE TAIL The singer announced that he was ending his career with his Vegas shows during the first weeks of January 2022.

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