Macross Plus Movie Edition trailer reveals US release of Mecha Anime

Get ready to jump into the pilot’s seat and turn up the AI ​​pop music because Macross Plus Movie Edition come to a theater near you. Fathom Events in collaboration with Big West released a trailer for their upcoming screening of the anime film from 1995, which until now has never had a North American cinema premiere. You can catch Macross Plus with English subtitles only one day on December 14, and tickets are currently on sale.

The second installment in Macross series – which began with Super Dimension Fortress Macross in 1982, and was most recently built on by Macross Delta in 2016 – Macross Plus tells the story of a group of former friends who become bitter rivals. The film, which takes place three decades after the interplanetary war between humans and aliens in the original series, follows three military test pilots who are tasked with flying fighter jets that turn into mech suits for air and space battles. As their personal grudges get in the way of the test program, a pop idol with artificial intelligence, heading for galaxy-wide fame, crosses their lives in unexpected ways.

This particular episode is considered groundbreaking to be the first anime to mix traditional cell-drawing animation techniques with computer-generated images. Created by Studio Nue and Triangle Staff, Macross Plus is credited for paving the way for the computer-generated Japanese animation that followed. Although not as prevalent in North America as other mecca anime, it is Macross the series is highly regarded by fans of the genre.



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The trailer glimpses the high-flying action, transforming mech suits and beautiful pop stars on interstellar backgrounds, while a driving beat thumps in the background. And the 30-second look ends with the promise of a video message at the presentation from the director and co-creator of Macross Shioji Kawamori, who worked on the series next door Cowboy Bebop creates Shinichiro Watanabe.

Macross Plus Movie Edition – a film that combines the 4 individual episodes of the original anime series with English subtitles into one continuous story – has only been released in North America by Manga Entertainment on VHS and DVD so far. So this is the first chance to see the intergalactic matches brought to life on the big screen. And with a limited number, the tickets will surely sell out quickly.

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