Vanessa Hudgens shares sweet moments with mom before the premiere on the red carpet

Vanessa Hudgens and her mother are cute.

On Friday, the 32-year-old actress shared several photos of herself and her mother, Gina Guangco, as they got ready to go on the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Tap, Tap … BOOM earlier this week. In one of the photos, Hudgens can be seen using a stain-removing pen on her white dress while they both smiled.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens participates in a premiere screening for

Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere for Tik, Tik … Bom on November 10, just after she helped her mother get eye shadow off her dress. (Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

“A lil bts for ya,” she explained in the caption. “My mom somehow ended up sitting on eye shadow. Luckily I’m the prepared girl I am – I wore a tide pen on me and think best I got that stain out. Lol, I’m obsessed with this picture , because it could not be more us if I tried lol family is EVERYTHING. always keep them prioritized because their the ones that matter most. “

Fans took to the comments to share how they could not get enough of the star and her beautiful mother.

“Omg this healthy content,” wrote one fan, while another said, “So beautiful,” and another added, “You are all sweet. I can not.” Said one more: “As a mother as a daughter.”

Hudgens also shared other sweet moments – one with the baseball player’s girlfriend Cole Tucker, where they kissed the night they made their debut on the red carpet as a couple, along with a glamorous selfie and a full body photo of Hudgens’ white Vera Wang lace dress.

During a recent interview d Collider Ladies Night, that High School Musical alum described his experience working with Tap, Tap … BOOM, which stars Andrew Garfield as composer Jonathan Larson, as “tough because we shot it in the middle of the pandemic.”

“It’s something you do not really expect,” she admitted. “And it was definitely a skirt at times because we had so many moments where we wanted to make a shot, and Lin said, ‘Yeah, if we could, we would all take turns singing songs and jamming out right now. ., but we can not because of restrictions and rules and attempts to be safe. ‘ But I’m just such a big Jonathan Larson fan, and it’s just a very, very special project, because the audience will be able to hear songs they’ve probably never heard before, and just really get a glimpse into Jonathan’s mind. Andrew did such an amazing job of portraying him. “

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