Meghan Markle is all for photo ops

Markle: Too up

The former Miss Markle – who gave her own trouser pocket to her father, her once best friend, her prince of a husband’s relatives and gave the finger to Her Majesty the Queen – now springs up for publicity only. And lawsuits.

In NYC – to make a film about herself – she and her principal sponged at 860 UN Plaza. No neighbors saw the spark Markle dragging the garbage out. Or empty in and out. The Freebee site belonged to attorney Barry Bloom, who once worked for Loews and the Tisches. So ordinary people could not actually see this body, she knew how to work, she slid up and down on a goods elevator.

Me-Me-Markle has become a specialist in that department. No one in England wants to see her either.

Political beliefs in the United States

Thanks to Governor Kathy Hochul for calling me to say thank you for my one-on-one interview with her. And thanks to Hampton Sheet, who reprinted my post on Palm Beachers sour over all the NYC restaurants opening there. . . Governor Ron DeSantis claims Florida’s one of the lowest in COVID. Reminder: It suffered over 60,000 resume deaths – 3.6 million cases – highest behind Texas and California. It’s low now because it only counts full-time residents. A New Yorker who catches it while in an apartment in Florida is only counted if he / she moves on. Someone should pat DeSantis on the head and whisper, “Down, boy. . . on paper. “… More Florida. Pelosi claws around Naples. Forget she’s tough. Locals worry heavy-footed. Like chasing property. As if that might mean her retirement home? to pull her back from Washington, it’s great for America.

Cheap thanks

November 25, 1948, 73 years ago, Thanksgiving party in L’Aiglon in super high class:

Blue Point oysters; cherry clams; shrimp cocktail; crab meat ravigote; hors d’oeuvres; kanapeer; half grapefruit; herring salad; casaba melon; olive; chicken okra, Creole; cream of mushrooms; ravioli or spaghetti; fried stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, candied sweet potatoes or fried ribs of beef, baked potato, mixed salad or hearts of lettuce; pumpkin pie, chopped pie, peach Melba, spumoni, ice cream, coffee.

Price? 4.25 USD.

Travis Scott will perform at the 2021 Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas
Travis Scott will perform at the 2021 Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas.
Erika Goldring / WireImage

Odds and ends

FYI: Biggest Post-CV Seller? Due to masks and fie on lipstick and powder – it’s fragrance. . . And Travis Scott info: Alleged by those who have worked with him, for him says near him that they have seen and know that the substance the component surrounds is thick, dense, tall, nonstop. . . White House BS is that the traditional festivities can all be held in a tent on the lawn. Probably saw Joe Burden not catch more fragility than he already has.

Wartime wax

Korean War. Soldiers received a dozen vaccine shots. No complaints.

Continental Army. G. Washington: “Necessity authorizes, but seems to require the measure, for if the disorder of smallpox infects the army in the natural way and rages with its virulence, we should have more to fear for it than for the sword of the enemy.”

Civil war. Publishers urging Union soldiers not to obey their medical orders were jailed. Printing press closed. Lincoln: “Should I shoot a single-minded soldier who is deserting while I must not touch a hair of a naughty agitator who makes him desert?”

2021 military spokesman: “Reluctant to obey legal mandatory vaccination order that maximizes our operational efficiency – rather be ‘free’ than obedient – they should take the consequences.”

Everyone goes to doctors. One told his patient not to drink, smoke, overeat or spread. In other words, do not do anything that could disrupt his bill.

Only in New York, children, only in New York.


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