Mo’Nique shows her figure in camouflage

Mo’Nique shows his curvy figure to his fans.

The actress-comedian shared photos on her Instagram of her body-like ody in camouflage clothing. In the post on Monday, November 8, a photo showed Mo’Nique wearing a halter dress with camouflage print with a slit on the side. The second fit consisted of high-waisted camouflage joggers and a black shirt. Both looks were completed with a pair of black heels and shades.

She also posted a photo on Nov. 6 of her wearing a bodycon spaghetti strap camouflage dress. Her hair was styled a little differently than in the other two looks. For Saturday’s outfit, her hair was designed for a long ponytail, but in her Monday look, her hair was pulled back to a high bun.

The “Soul Plane” actress gave props to her hairdresser Tommie T and her makeup artist David Day for performing their magic and helping her look together. Mo’Nique didn’t dress up just for fun either. She actually had a comedy concert to do in Killeen, Texas. It took place in the Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge on November 5th and 6th.

In her caption, she shouted up the city for having shown her love during her show. “KILLEEN, TX. I can only say THANK YOU! The stream of LOVE that was EVERYWHERE,” she wrote. The 53-year-old also talked about her camouflage look and said “CAMOUFLAGE WAS THE THEME, AND THE BABY WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! I LOVE YOU


. “

Fans hyped her up for the look in the comments. “Absolutely beautiful … this woman is an organic and original trendsetter … I greet you QUEEN,” one person wrote. “Auntie … you’re killing it,” said another. Someone who was at her show also gave her some kind words.

“See you this Saturday, you are a true queen, your opener she was on the right path, continue blessings to you both.”

Mo’Nique will continue to tell jokes in the near future. Next month, she will be at the Miami Improve Comedy Theater on December 3rd and 4th.

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