Recent fire department update as a major industrial fire ‘shook houses’ in Hucknall

Emergency workers were put to work overnight after a major industrial fire caused houses in a town in Nottinghamshire to ‘shake’.

People living near Wigwam Lane, Hucknall, also reportedly heard propane tanks and oil drums explode when firefighters from across the county were called to the fire around 1:55 p.m., Sunday, November 14th.

Residents were urged by officials to keep their windows and doors closed as smoke flags could be seen from miles around.

In their latest update at. 18 yesterday a spokesman for the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews and our multi-agency partners will continue to work through the night to bring the incident on Wigwam Lane, Hucknall to an end.

“We thank local residents for their support during this event.”

People living in Porchester Close, close to the fire site, raised their concerns during the incident.

Keith Chaplin, 60, who was staying at Hucknall over the weekend, said: “It was pretty scary, we heard propane tanks and oil barrels exploded and people were asked to stay back.

“It shook the house, and the noises from it were very loud, so we closed everything and stayed indoors.”

“We came back from a cozy day out on Christmas shopping and it was a horrible scene, we wondered where it was when we drove back, only to find out the fire was right next to us. “

Mark Hand, 41, a health and safety chief living at Porchester Close, added: “The first bang was surprising, but then the following worried me and were much bigger.

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“There was a lot of smoke billowing and it was sorting out when the fire burned.

“We were lucky that the wind was blowing the other way, and we still closed our windows, as we were told.

“We did not know if we were to be evacuated or not, the third bang shook our windows at the back of the house.”

And Nickla Parkes, 60, who lives close by, said, “I just nodded my head and thought, what was that, then I saw the black smoke. Then it sounded like it was exploding.

“Lots of fire trucks showed up after that.”


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