A stay in Vegas, olive oil, Tuscan wines and a relationship with GrapeStars

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You may know the world-famous music superstar Sting from his solo career or from his years in front of the iconic music group The police. While Sting continues to excite audiences with his musical talent thanks to his new stay in Las Vegas, he also makes waves across the stage. The global icon has added a number of business ventures to its portfolio, proving that ‘every little thing (he) does is magic.’

Il Palagios vine

Since the mid-16th century, the Il Palagio property has been harvesting, fermenting and bottling its own wines. Now owned by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, they have made a great effort to keep the heritage and tradition alive. Using organic farming methods, Sting and Trudie have replanted 11 acres of vineyards since 2000.

Situated among the vineyards of the Chianti region, Il Palagio provides an ideal location and a fertile climate to provide a variety of Tuscan ingredients – from fresh fruits and vegetables to olives and of course the iconic grapes known for producing popular Tuscan wines.


This perfect climate has resulted in Il Palagio producing some amazing wines over the years. In fact, several years ago, Wine spectators Named Il Palagio’s Sister Moon – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese grapes – as one of the 101 best wines in Italy.

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“A wine is like a song – it has to tell a story. That’s why I named my wines after my biggest hits, ”says Sting, touching the hearts of both his music and wine connoisseurs.

So it’s no surprise that Sting and Trudie were able to put some of their own magic into the estate and as a result have created a number of beautiful Tuscan reds. Thanks to a collaboration with GrapeStars, Sting and Trudie bring a little bit of Tuscany directly to you!

Sting was introduced to GrapeStars’ founders and brothers, Jean-Jean Pelletier and Robert Pelletier, by Tony Sasa, who started Enoteca Pontevecchio back in 2006 to highlight the many small boutique wineries in Tuscany. Tony manages and distributes Sting and Trudy’s “Il Palagio” wines and has partnered with GrapeStars to help connect consumers directly with their favorite celebrity-based wines and spirits, including Sting’s range of Tuscan red wines.


“Sting has touched millions of people with his music. He is a legend and one of the most talented singers of our era. GrapeStars is excited to bring Stings wines home to all of his fans and is honored to launch this new campaign with him and his lovely wife Trudie. “Jean-Jean Pelletier, co-founder of GrapeStars

You can buy Sting’s selection of wines at GrapeStars.com.


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Experience Il Palagio for yourself

If you want to experience a reminder of how wonderful life can be, Sting and Trudie have given guests the opportunity to stay at this magical property for themselves. Il Palagio is now available as a venue for luxury events and tailor-made holiday destination!


“Il Palagio is like stepping into a painting. And one of my favorite places on earth. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as much as I did. “- Sting

Guests at Il Palagio are invited to enjoy an extraordinary panorama of vineyards, olive groves, cypresses and oak forests throughout the lush grounds. Each unique space overlooks a view that is both breathtaking and serene, while a tennis court, dining areas, a serene lake and nearby stables give both the activity and the nature lover ample opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Olive oil

The lush Tuscan region produces amazing world-class grapes and olives, so it’s no surprise that Sting and Trudie decided to produce their own range of olive oils, which will soon be available to consumers in the United States. Olive trees have adorned the landscape of Il Palagio for many hundreds of years and have been lovingly restored to full productivity. The olives are harvested by hand and then cold pressed with Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo olives. The resulting extra virgin first pressed oil is unique due to the ideal climate and the altitude Il Palagio offers. Creates an olive oil that is both low in acidity but rich in depth, creating a taste that is pure, delicious and unique Il Palagio.


Las Vegas Residency

The pandemic may have put the official start of his stay on hold, but Sting is now tipping back in front of live audiences thanks to his new stay in Las Vegas. Entitled “My Songs”, Sting takes up residence at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace and performs a medley of his iconic hits over the years.


“I wanted the show to be authentic to me and who I am, but the way the show is presented is spectacular. The advanced visuals are something the Vegas audience will love, but so is me, and they hear my life. story through these songs. Having the visual context changes them a little bit, it makes them grow a little bit. ” – Stik

Visit www.sting.com for information and tickets on “My Songs”.

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